Which Ancestor's do you Connect with?

A fun part of being in the genealogy community is that you get to hook up with other moms just like you.  I've had just such a pleasure of getting to know a lot of great ladies through a FaceBook Group, Family History for Children. One of these great ladies, Katie Potter over at https://www.storybookancestor.org/, invited me tonight to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have an ancestor that you have connected with in a special way? Who is it? 
  2. Tell what it is about that person that resonates with you. Why do you feel so connected to them?

The answer to 1 is a resounding YES.  Several flood my mind immediately. So as you can imagine I'm excited to give her my answer, and I thought it would be fun to share it here as well.

  1. Over the past 5 or 6 years that I've really been doing family history, I've had several experiences with different ancestors.  Times I've gotten to know them in ways I don't know that I would have, even if I met them during life; other times where I've had to choose to forgive some of the mistakes they made, and the way they affected my line, which in an incredible way made me closer to them; and others I just know are my kindred spirits--I'm certain there's some DNA that makes us so. ;)  But today I'll choose to write about my Great Grandma Mary Welch Lyman.  She is one I'll refer to as my kindred spirit. 
  2. I never met her in this life, but I know that a great deal of my love and connection I feel for my ancestors came directly from her.  I've had the opportunity to get to know Great Grandma Lyman through her daughter, my great aunt Mame (Mary Gae Lyman Evans).  Aunt Mame inherited much, if not all, of the family memorabilia. I've spent many hours reminiscing with her over the old photos, documents, and heirlooms, learning the family stories, discovering the bonds and connecting with the whole Lyman family even though many have moved on from this life already.  As I've read Grandma Lyman's life history and sifted through her many memories, I've discovered that I share her love of family, her love of the gospel, and her dedication to preserving her family's memories.   I'm so grateful she took the time to preserve her family's memories.  It inspires me as I continue to preserve mine.

This is my #aFamilyStoryaDay today, I invite you to answer it too! Share your answer online and tag it to share the fun!!

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  1. How nice it is that you have been able to learn about your great grandmother through your great aunt! Learning names is one thing, but learning details about who they were and what they liked is precious. To have one who also cared about preserving family memories is really neat! Thanks for sharing her story.


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