Zoning for FamilySearch

Alright so I had a super busy weekend.  I taught 3 classes this last Sunday at the BYU Family History Library, and what I hadn’t thought to prepare mentally for was the fact that if you’re teaching in the same room 3 classes in a row, you’ll also be chatting & on your feet not only the whole class hour, but also in between classes too.  So from 3-7:30 pm I was talking straight through.  That said, I was exhausted when I was done last night and my feet were killing me. Note to self, no heels when teaching at RootsTech.  Today I’ve been dragging a bit too, BUT I promised my class some info about Zoning on here today, so here it goes---

Zoning, a new tool from FamilySearch.  It’s in beta mode, so it’s likely to change from what I give here, but for now this is where things are at.  It’s a great alternative to indexing for those peeps who are burnt out from Indexing but are still not quite ready to dig into research, OR for those of us who research and just need a new thing to “mix-it-up”.  *This is also a great addition to my Everyday Family History class. 
I heard about Zoning from my neighbor a few weeks back and was excited to try it out.  The first time you log in, as of now, you have to request access to be a zoner, but I got an email back a couple days later and was able to get started.  The wait time gave me time to read the Getting Started Guide provided by FamilySearch and educate myself on the process. It’s well written, concise and I felt confident zoning once I’d read it. I definitely recommend reading before you get started.
Here are a few screen shots to help you get started:
  1. Go to www.familysearch.org/records/zoning/web.
  2. Click on “Zoning Getting Started”.zoning step 1
  3. Read the “Getting Started With Zoning” page.
  4. Scroll down & complete the form at the bottom of the page, to request access to be a zoner.zoning step 2zoning step 3
  5. Scroll back up to mid-page and download the “Complete Users Guide”. zoning step3.5
  6. Familiarize yourself with the Users Guide while you wait for your access,  it has some excellent images of examples of what to zone and what not to, as well as all the “how to’s”.
  7. Once you receive access to be a zoner via email, visit www.familysearch.org/records/zoning/web again. *Make sure that you’re logged into your FamilySearch account.
  8. Click on the purple Zone box.zoning step 4
  9. Voila!! Zone away!zoning step 5


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