Crazy Busy Life, Crazy Busy Helps

I’m excited to kick off a new chapter of my blog.  I’ve been incredibly inspired recently amidst my “crazy-busy” life.
I’ve always been on the busy side.  I get it from my mom. It’s one of those learned, possibly inherited, traits.  But when people would make comments about my busy-ness in the past, I didn’t ever feel like I was that busy.  Until recently, that is.  I totally have “Oh, I can take care of that syndrome,” and most likely if you’re reading this, you struggle with the same problem.  It’s not a bad thing, the world needs people like us, BUT the last month or so I have felt all of my commitments surfacing to a head.  I’m learning a lot about not only delegating, but truly letting go when I delegate, and the results are actually surprisingly awesome!
So in the middle of one of my, “oh crap, what have I done to my life” moments the other day, I was trying to validate my overwhelmed feeling by listing in my head the list of responsibilities on my plate (in no particular order of course):
  • Mom of 3: 
    • Doctors appointments, sports team commitments, instrument lesson's, feeding, cleaning and just being there for them, keeps me completely on my toes.
    • My youngest also has a rare condition called Williams Syndrome. She’s literally a miracle to our family, and brings incredible joy and love teaching us new things all the time, but also adds a variety of new experiences to my plate and additional to-do’s as a mom with therapy, specialists, and the works.…
  • Church responsibility/volunteering at the Family History Center:
    • Leading the youth (12-18) in the Payson Area, guiding and teaching them to plan and carry out events and activities that will help other teens to come learn to do and enjoy family history.  It usually adds 1 meeting and 2 or 3 events each month.
    • Coordinating, staffing, and planning weekly Mom & Me Doing Family History classes at the Family History Center.  Thankfully I have a small committee of awesome ladies helping me this year.
    • Planning Family Discovery Day for our Area. Sigh! This one was totally a moment of "that doesn't seem like it could be that hard, why not?" Alas, I am really enjoying the process and tons of wonderful people have totally stepped up to help.
  • Neighborhood and Local Church responsibilities--this is super fun and I love supporting and visiting neighbors and friends so it’s hardly a responsibility, but it does require scheduling usually. I try to be a good neighbor and friend. :)
  • PTA Pres, sigh again, enough said; although I do love the great ladies I have met and had the opportunity to work with, as well as the awesome school staff.
  • T-ball Coach, 2 games weekly shouting and directing confused, adorable 6 year olds—a joy for sure. ;)
  • Oh yeah, did I mention trying to be a good wife; my hubby deserves all the credit in the world for being AMAZING, none of the above would be possible without his wonderful supportive nature. He does way more than any man should ever have to.  So I do need to remember that one when I make my lists. ;)
So aside from the typical familial duties, house duties, general health and wellness responsibilities to myself and my family, and just life really, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll think of more later.  SO, the point is, I’m sure there are many of you out there who have far more on your plate, and many with far less.  But currently my schedule is slammed.  Okay, so clearly, now that I've listed it, I'm completely blessed through all of my busyness.  I want to be clear that I am not complaining, I love being busy! I'm just grateful for the wonderful tools out there that make my "crazy-busy" life possible.  I literally rely wholly on my wide variety of apps to tell me what I need to do next and when. When I delegate something to someone, I really let go, make a note to check back and life actually is going pretty great amidst the crazy. I’m also still managing to take care of personal things like exercise, meeting up with old friends, and my daily dose of spiritual rejuvenating.  So, I’m creating a new section of my blog to honor those of us who are truly “crazy-busy” and I’m going to use it to share the things that make my “crazy-busy” life less crazy, and more manageable.
Stay tuned..............I’m super excited about this so I’m going to kick things off with a series of my faves for the next few days!  Please share your tools and tricks below or by using our new hashtag.


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